Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Unfortunately Gold Lamé is on hiatus until it's chief finds himself a new job.


the world trash will continue at some point.

until then enjoy

our large back catalog.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Utah Saints running man

I don't now what I feel about this

I did the running man waaay back in the day
and liked this utah saints song, when neither
was ironic.

now I kinda like them ironically....but I actually participated
in them the first time.... 'cause I'm old.
So are old people allowed to like things ironically
that they were a part of?

hmmmm, I'll think about while I put on a new diaper.

+1 england (actually wales)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Burning Man XXXtreme!!!

I just came back from Burning Man today.
It ended last week, but my boy RayJay, hadn't return from Saturn's twenty seventh moon
(Aegir- it's the one that looks like Beyonce)

: check out some pics

Dude, Burning Man was totally awesome and all about radical self expression.
I love how extreme Burning Man's art is. It's extreme art. Not that namby pamby art made by people with training or talent. No it's too Hard Core, too Radical for that, yet at the same time it's about hippy love.

Speaking of hippy love, after pulling an all nighter with some killer bud we got from my boy RayJJ from the IT department and then downing 23 cans of Mountain Dew. It was such an awesome vibe JayRay and RayJay and I tried to kill Sharon Tate..
Yeah pigs must die!
-Unfortunately we got confused and accidently killed RayJJ's pet ferret "Mr. Skiddles" instead.
-But man, what an extreme way to go. (Go with god Skiddles!)

Yeah, then later I meet this hot chick Xena. She was a stripper fifteen years ago, but now a mom of seven. Man, she could totally twirl a baton. You know, like cheerleaders back in Missouri, but with with this awesome extreme outfit of a gasmask and some rags. And she looked like she was totally into bondage. We hung out for hours talking about LinuxGNU variants

Then we got naked and danced with these fire dancer chicks.
But they would sleep with us even after I "accidently" burned RayJJ penis (Sorry RayJJ! and again thanks for driving!)

Man the whole day was hard core radical extreme awesome dudely - I'm totally going to it next year. Unless it's the same day as Lollipalloza or that new Cochella thing. I hear those are totally alternative too.

Dear real attendants
I'm sorry that you hate your job in the IT department, but you know the difference between a nerd with piercing and googles and a nerd without. The first one still thinks it 1995.

Xteme Peace Out Bytches

(who is proud to be the second type of nerd)

US Minus 3!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trailer Time!

Trailer Time

Finally! a Capoeria martial arts movie!

The first Kimchi western = awesome!

Miike Zebraman.
Ultraman/insanity fest

This is less crazy than the others
mainly a satire of French foreign policy and racism (so you need a bit of knowledge
about France's history to get some of the jokes)
but even if if you don't if you liked the look of Mad Men (this movie came out in 2007!) or just want to see
two grown men get use live chickens as weapons check it out.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Shat is back!

Hug the Mountain.

I don't know what I find the best about this video
The Shat's mop top, the fake mountain, or the song.

Long live the Captain!

USA +1

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Okay some ads rise above the rest.

This isn't tras.
I think this is "brilliancess."
(like a brilliant princess- smart and hot)

Sapporo made a series of ads with two
guys fighting over food, the Karaoke mic,
and then a snowball fight / apocalypse.

The first one is the weakest but we have to start somewhere:

Last bit of beef

Karaoke Mic

Snowball Apocalypse

I shouldn't give any points for these
cause these guys are pros and otherwise
I'd have to give points for all the great bud lite ads...
but I like how sapporo tastes ,
so +1 japan.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tim & Eric Music Videos

I can't get the classic FLying Lotus track to work
which looks a bit like this-

But in some ways this video is even better...
mainly cause I like Major Laser.

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Tim & Eric making videos for the kids.
for the kids, man.
USA +1

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Katching Upp

I don't know what to say about Aqua.
I believe this type of music was called NRG or Eurodance.
It's sort of where "rolling" went wrong.
Somehow X made all the fauxravers miss the misogyny
, the badly looped beats, the auto-tuned singing.

Oh Well...



In case you forgot about THIS SKIT

Denmark +2
Japan +1

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Comedy that's hard to pronounce... but less beardy

Kumail Nanjiani, his comedy isn't the most innovative
-it's just observational based rants- but it's funny.
plus he often opens for Zach Galifianakis.

Yeah, so they'd share an bill, "it's Galifianakis with Nanjiani!"
I wish I could take my grandparents to their show- just to
watch them try and pronounce it.

Japan is insane.
This is not what I expected with little red riding hood.

Japan +1
US and Pakistan relations +6

Friday, July 24, 2009

Kat Power Special

I'm sure you've all heard Piano Kat plays them off by now,
with a variety of clips.

But this is the best one Evar.

Not a usual update day or time..
but USA +1

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have a guest staying at the house,
so I don't have a lot of time to write sillyness
So let's just jump in okay?

This is a Japanese ad for Dole, Banana, and Mcdonalds...
and insanity.

(2 quick bits of tasty sillyness.)

and as a counter point...
this video inspired the last treatment t was working on, called "A Dance of Shadows"
The Vide gets a bit slow towards the end- but It's neat.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ernie Kovacs is a genius

Many people think absurdist comedy was invented in
England with Monty Python in 1969
Perhaps with The Goon Show maybe? (where Peter Sellers got his start!)

For my mind surreal or absurdist comedy began
in the 1950's we saw the beginning, right here
in the US of A with the Ernie Kovacs' Show.

Sadly like a lot of live television, little of his best material survives.
but this...

This is the Narubi trio
Ernie is the one with the gigantic cigar (which was his signature)

USA +1

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monkey Monkey

This is just neat.
I think I saw this on TV at some point.
I believe it was for BBC's coverage of the Beijing Olympics

It looks like they hired Jamie Hewlett to do it....
So it's awesome.
It is Awesome
Accept it.

This ain't trash so no points.

Simon Pegg's very little thingy.

Simon Pegg
Obviously you are all Simon Pegg fan's
so I don't have to tell you about
His blog, How awesome the movie "Shaun of the Dead" is;
How great the TV show "Spaced" is;
or how he was the best part of the new "Star Trek".
You know it.

(and if you don't your on Netflix right now
you ignorant toffee nosed splat monkey!)

Anyway here's a little short film he did a loooong time ago
with some friends- about a astronaut and his dog.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Superstars music roundup hoe down

Ahhh, the classics
I'm sure all you Lamé-ites have seen these at some point in your
life but it's time for a review.

The great by their very human nature must fail us from time to time-
and the blowhard overrated actors doubly so.
Let us rejoice in those massive throbbing failures.

Okay, this is my favorite.
Joe Pesci rapping about being a gangster.
This is like 1990, long, long after all the others ones in this post had these embarrassing turds in their legacy.
And what did Joe do?
Mr. Pesci said fck it - I'm gonna do a gangster rap video and full length music album.
Yeah, so only did he do the deed- he took it up a notch.
Way to go Joe, way to go.

OOOOH YEAH It's Telly S and he want's to sex you.
Sexy sex you.
'Cause you're his love.
IF, you'll let him.

Kojax does country music.
Yeah country music.

The Man, the Myth, the Captain
The one star that needs the type equivalent of an echo.
Will William mmmm, Shat Shatner errrrrrrr!!!!!!
Few artists have managed the sort of career the shat
has- esp few that are as much of a Shat as he is.
A huge steaming, shat.

And he's gonna be high as a kite by the end.

It was a year. with the Shatner.

Die Hard in my pants baby.
Well done Bruce, At what point in your 80's action star career
did you think?
- Yeah, I can be a 60's doo wap soul singer.

This one shouldn't be as funny as it is
but somehow it just makes me giggle.
Russell crowe has an epic reputation as Hollywood
tool and this just confirms it.
You know what I said about Joe Pesci, double it.
The god for honest vapid cojones- and the spewing stupidity
of the music. Russell you are the new Shat.

Lets end big- this is one of the classics.
Not only is the vulcan Leonard Nemoy playing with his own pointy ear fame-
he's tying it in to Lord of the Rings.
It's like a big nerd sandwitch -you've got fantasy, you've got sci-fi, you've got "go go" girls and a bowl haircut.

I guess I should give point for this
USA +3
Australia +1

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's in Dixie?

uh Wow.

The eighties was a fucked up time:
Thundercats, Cheers, Married with Children, and Designing Women.

Thundercats was pretty cool- at least it was a thousand times better than
He-Man which came before it.

I used to like Cheers (when i was young)- before I started listening to the head
writer's radio blurbs on our local PBS radio station here (KCRW.)
He strikes me as a mentally lazy, self absorbed, over paid tool. Retroactively I'm removing my "like" of that show.

Married With Children is (with the possible exception of Hee-Haw and the Holocaust) the worst thing from the 20th century.

Oh wait, that's right, the second worst...
Designing Women. (Aka "Grey Gardens: The Early Years" )
Fuck, I didn't just hate that show. I hated the idea of that show.
It was the Reagan years, network Tv, vaginal warts all slurred together

I really hated that show.

Dixie was the star of that river of diarrhea,
(again sorry...) (god I hated that show! And I do not for a second believe her real name was Dixie!)

Anyways shortly after that show,
lovely, talented, Miss Dixie, put out a Meditation, Yoga & Exercise video.
(Maybe to counter the former commie, then "Turner" sellout Jane Fonda's "empire of exercise")

Regardless here's scene where she shows us an
interesting mediative technique.

Thanks Dixie, You're a Jem!

USA +1

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I was going to do a entry about the insane icelandic kid's show
Lazy Town. It's a kids show, about getting kids to be active. Yeah, it's a TV show about how you should be playing outside instead of uh watching TV.
Also it based on that weird euroRave late nineties Xtasy look made so popular by Barbie girl
But I had to much to drink last night to be clever about them,
So instead here's a quick musical interlude
of stripes and bizzaro angry boxes


Worth the link.

nobody gets nothing +0

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maximum Stupidity

Sometimes the level of stupidity we Americans are capable of astonishes even me.
Sure, my country elected George W Bush twice;
has decided to rally behind seven series of "Two and Half Men;"
and "Smallville;"
but then there's this....

Thank you, Steven King, Thank you-
And when the Machine overlords come for us
I'm going to disguise myself as a toaster and start throwing
bread at people.
I think that will give my life meaning.

USA +1

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The obvious and old

The Best fight scenes Evar!
yeah, I'm getting lazy, the USA
has way to many points but what can I do
when our culture spews out jems like this.

80's bad anglo-kungfu movies.

as a side note:

Dear Chuck Norris,
You are a tool. The resurgent celebrity from the internet?
We are making fun of you. You should not run for congress or governor.
You represent all the bullshit the Conservative movement
represents. Though, I would like to see you fight again- someone your own age group..
Mainly Mike Tyson. I would like to watch him eat you.
15 minutes done.


If your not gonna watch any other clips watch this one.
Cynthia Rockheart (?) Seriously this is 80's macho at it's worse.

Internet whipping boy JCVD in tights + girls in 80s aerobic tights. = Awesome.

MC Chris does a send up to the whole "American Ninja" thing

And lastly that third act recovery and resurrection..
Anyone in involved in storytelling has to know the third act is about the character bringing it all
back and beating the odds.

In this case JCVD
Yep JCVD, actually made a good movie recently
And It's called "JCVD", no really!
It's thriller, not a kung-fu movie, and I actually have to recommend it.
Variety and NY times, Rotten Tomatoes all recommend it.
It's kinda like the "Wrestler" for Mickey Roarke, except more Post Modern and without the sucky
ending and badly acted subplot with his daughter.

BONUS for the hardcore
This is a Teaser the director made for JCVD. It's not in the movie. It's a short film on it's own, but's kinda great.

USA +2
Belgium (seriously belgium WTF?) +1

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Special Zach Galifianakis

Between two ferns has a new episode up so
of course I have to post it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So you think you can Japan Dance!

Engrish yes!

"Japan's Best Dance crew"
or "Dancing with the Japan."

Yes, all Engrish ways I could have titled this entry.
and all shitty shitty puns

the clips are awesome

This is a P&L crew out of Japan which are amazing.

I Fucking HATE when they won't let you embed a Clip... So instead you have to make a LINK (like this one). It's so stupid.

This is just ridiculous


Bonus Polysic video.
Eventually Polysic will probably get there own entry-
I mean how can you not love a japanese Devo cover band
that turned into a noise dance essemble while living in Silver Lake.
also this video is just fun.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sweet Sweet Sweden

Disciplined soccer players, former vikings, Ikea globalists, and democratic socialists.

I've only known a couple sweds in my life.
(excluding their american decedents - i.e. The state of Wisconsin)
All three sweds I encountered were tall, pale skinned, blond girls... a cliché to point.
None of them were very good at drinking and all three made some mistakes
in dating choices- especially the one that dated me for 6 months.
(Seriously, a bad move on her part).

So culturally I can't say much about it as a country.
but I believe These three clips... they speak for sweden.

Before alcohol. (I dare you to make it all the way through)

After alcohol

The Morning After

Sweden +3

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Francofile KungFu.

Back in high school, I was really into French shit. Food, Art, History, all that bourgeoisie pretentious French shit-
(See there I go again using a pretentious french word- "bourgeoisie!!!")

Thankfully after I left High school I fell in love with Japanese stuff (just as pretentious but with more "nature"); before falling in love Chinese shit (not that pretentious excluding Wong Kar Wai); and then British shit; and Adult Swim. (Adult Swim 2000-2007 should have been a country; if not an empire!)

But when did France start making better kung Fu
movies than Hong Kong??
I don't know but it's true-
Must have something to do with Parkour and Luc Besson.

Fuck it.
This is from B13, which is basically Escape from New York = Escape from Paris.

France (finally making films where thinking is optional) +1

Bonus Best'est Kung Fu Fight Evar!!!! (Xiao Xiao)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chris Christmas Rodriguez

In the sad news that Chris's blog is down for a while. So I submitt
in tribute-

Chris Christmas Rodrriguez
Mother put out these fake ads a few years back
as a publicity stunt.

Classic meme Interweb:

Unwanted guests?

Giving cheap aftershave?

Christmas Truth.


Oh Christmas Tree.

He's just a man...

The End

Damn you england +1

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kevin Bacon Movie Club

I found this clip cause one of the Jay's friends play's the "wife"
pretty funny.

That's all for today
busy busy busy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music Rewind

Not to step on Chris's territory

but it's time for a music review.
obviously you've heard these songs...
but had to search for the videos (so inconvenient!)
So Im gathering them in one place for my... ah, I mean your convenience.

'cause I do this all for you
not me... cause blogs are certainly not a place for time-wasting narcissistic masturbation.

oh shit
yes they are.


Yelle: A Cause Des Gason
featuring the new Tecktonik dancing... and thus the beginning of 90's retro!
(including the necessary commercial exploitation)

CONVERSE: My drive through
NERD + SANTOGOLD - Selling out never sounded so good- the converse ad.

Hello Baltimore!
Rye Rye with Blaqstarr, both out of crab town
(mmmmn... crab cakes)

Rye Rye : Shake it to the ground.

Duh Santogold

Santogold: Lights out.


Graphics (super Duh MIA)

MIA is insane
this video fucks with colors

also this songBird Flu

No fucking way I'm giving points for this stuff.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Even even more BBC comedy

Time Trumpet series

Tesco's vs Demark
(Tesco's kinda like a mini-walmart)

Episode #1

Fuck I'm waaay to hungover to write something witty
or informative.

fucking UK +1

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


No, it not the world cup...

It's my new favorite song!
San Paulo been pumping out the new bands- CSS and Bonde De Role etc...
Manchester better wake the fuck up.

I don't know what the hell is going on with dance music now
and it doesn't really have a title that seems to stick yet.
But certainly MIA, Santogold, Rye Rye, and alot of bands coming out of South and Central
America are on top of it.
It's lo-fi kinda "electro dance punk"... or at least how I'd describe it.
You could call it "electro grime" to I guess.
Fuck I wish I knew what to call it- cause it's been going on for several YEARS now.
And is the Mighty AwesomeSauce incarnate
Listen to this shit and weep in joy-


Rio Rio pointed out that "Aqui para vocês" literally means 'here's to you' but what it really means is 'I'm flicking you off', it's what you say before you flip the bird.
(Also here's too hoping Jon and Hieu change the music up in LXD)

Cansei De Ser Sexy (CSS)
Took their name from Beyonce' stupidly saying to the brazilian press "I'm tired of being sexy"
but on a great show too- okay, you should be listening already... click bellow...

CSS: Let's make love and listen to Death from Above

CSS: Alala
awesome backwards punk anger prom party!

Bonde Do Role
actually friends with CSS and tour together...
similar sound a little more discordent and sample heavy.

Bonde Do Role: Solta O Frango
how can you not like a human chicken fight?

Bonde Do Role :Office Boy
only for the hardcore fans of the genre'

Bonde Do Role : Marina Gasolina
The song is classic the video is not.
but fuck it you can't not dance to it.

Brazil + 6
(and next week I'll put some more of the Santogold and MIA up- cause it's long overdue )

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Entries are gonna be late this week

"Snuff box"
yet another BBC 4 comedy

Your dog!

Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings) does porn.

Rangers Part 8!

England +1 again?!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Math Dance battle

New Math
a pretty funny little page dedicated to simple real world "equations"


Perserverance = If at first you don't succeed + Repetition


Pirate = Thief + Boat + Bandana - Leg


Also Moe Moe worked on this series a few months back.
Preview looks good... though I strongly suggest skipping ahead to 1:30.
(Jon's a nice guy, but he talks way too much on these things)
Also hopefully the music will be more bloc party and less Lord of the Rings.

Moe Moe +1

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kaboom Sci Fi!

Kaboom! redub... it starts out slow but becomes totally worth it.

This is sci-fi from Spain a pretty religious conservative Catholic Country.
Some people say Sci-fi is for nerds with serious social and sexual issues.

A Meme i missed and totally worth it + its sci-fi fantasy crap.

USA: Totally eating spaghetti in the shower +1
Spain: Paging Doctor Freud +1

Yet another "Go Rangers! Episode 7"

Even More "Man to Man with Dean Learner" Episode 2 part1
part 2
part 3

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More comedy with beards

Zach Galifianakis:
I'm purty fond of Zach's stuff
He was one of the standouts of Comedians of Comedy.
but please ignore and forgive the stuff he's done for Kimmel

Interviews Michael Cera.

His actual standup: "Characters"

I'm not a big fan of Tim and Eric show (etc... etc...)
they'er okay.
but this shit I found funny...

Sorry USA no points. He's got a movie coming out

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Death of Punk

Death of Punk.

Vanilla Beans- "nicola"
This is one of those bjorky, spike jonesy things
Super low tech, simple to do, happy colors, - basically everything the interweb video should have.
lot of little cute/funny moments- decent song.
Plus it's got Flight Attendants (bonus!)

I can't really post the above video without showing Pizzicato Five.
Moe Moe turned me on to this group- and after force feeding me it for a few years
I grew to love them- a lot. (and that was the end of me listening to 'ardcore)
They made a whole series of videos/DVD's called ReadyMade TV.
All shot ala' Warhol factory:
Fun, simple, intentionally silly/cheap- way ahead of it's time.
(plus they make me think of Moe Moe)

Baby Portable Player Sound (12 second intro)

Tout Va Bien


Japan +1

Japan Ranger Bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


England and Japan are getting way to many points.
+ I have way more clips from england, but other countries need some credits.

So moving away from clips for a second lets remember that ol' macho jesus blogger
and his blog's war with little kids.



+1 america.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Man to Man With Dean Learner GGOOOOO!

Episode 6
Here's a whole episode of Man to Man
An awesome expo special "this is your death" episode




England +1

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rangers Continues Ho!

Even More Rangers!!!
Episode 5

Also Bonus
I'm digging this guys comedy.
No "World Trashy Points" -he's a pro
But check him out If You're In LA LA

Japan +1

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Meme knowledge is one of the most important parts of our cultural exchange.
Okay that's total bullshit but I keep being surpized when people I know are unaware of the most famous memes.
Okay if you don't know what a meme isWiki!

Part 1
So here we go a basic list of links
Dramatic Chipmunk -classic
This is SPARTA! -awesome!
LOL cats -10 million strong
YTMND - wierd
Chocolate Rain -why?
In the Butt Ooo Kay
StarWars Kid 01 -mean, but makes me laf
Star wars Kid Remix
Numa Numa Kid -lets get this party started
Fat Kid dancing
Peanut butter Jelly
Sneezing Panda
Storm Trooper
Leave Britney ALONE! -sad
The Bait and Switch aka rickrolled (Rick Astley Video is often given as a fake link- as a sort of primitive practical joke- esp on online dating, chat rooms, and porn sites.)
Spot vernon
O Rly owl like LOL cats
Fail like O Rly just pics
JCVD dancing (ussually they cover his head with LOL cat or Sparta)
Badger Badger Badger!
Boom goes the Dynamite. -when a job is wrong for u
Tyson the skate dog
All your base are belong to us (actually more of a TXT thing)
Roflcon (not a vid)
Miss South Carolina
Magibon -worse than lonely girl 15 imo
Afro Ninja
1001 snakes on a plane
Leroy Jenkins!!!! -funny and intentional- thats worth props
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Dance 01 -basic Para Para imho- no Idea why this caught on. but it became...
this lame shit -oh well that leads us to
Prison dance -amazing
Loituma Girl (Leeks Girl) (leekspin) 01
Loituma Girl (Leeks Girl) Volcanoid02

PArt 2
Here's some more that I like enough to actually embed:

Tunak Tunak Tun.
(it's silly and cheap but you can't help but want to dance to it)

Leekspin history this one take you through the growth and development of the leekspin
wait for it at the end it's totally AAAAAAAGGGGHH worth it.

Points interweb +1
and obviously I could put up eery Meme

but fck it I'm giving india +1 for Tunak

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Man to Man

Okay if you don't like
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Then I don't understand you.
This show is brilliant and you should fuck yourself.
Adult Swim picked it up from the BBC and thank god.
(it might also be on hulu and Adultswim's page.)

The series bellow appears the be a spin off from that
focusing on the "Dean Learner" character
(the "producer" of the Dark Place)

Now watch it!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trainwreck of amazement.

I'm not sure, I think this band is awesome.

They seem to be a german electropunk
band (singing in english and french)
glazed in trash culture.

I kan't stop watching it though.
Beep Beep Bonpk

No likey?
Oh well, here's some more 5 Rangers!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Special Food Bonus!
Earthly Delights

(edit: a part 3 mistake was made)

Japan +1
Germany +1

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vagina Power!

Alexyss Tylor is sex talk show host and author out of Atlanta Georgia.
The woman next to Alexyss is her mom.
Yes, her Mom.

Let's quote Alexyss- "He won't buy you a... uh, shrimp special from
long john silvers. That plate is what? $2.99. But he will give you a
mouth full of cum.... A rectum full of cum..."

Yes that's her Mom sitting 30 inches away from her.
"Now her mind, her mind is no good 'cause that penis done ejaculated all in her brain."
We are living in a golden glorious age, of wonderment.
and this...
this is internet happiness.

Lot a times we get caught up in that Penis power.

Wash Yo Nuts

USA +2
Thanx Michelle

Sunday, March 1, 2009

OK Lets GO Japan TV (part 1) Yes Awesome Good

Gottsu "A" Kanji, one of the great sketch comedy shows evar!
It think I've watched whole seasons online.
I'm not sure how to start with them so we'll do it with
these 2

Power Ranger idiots
This is a whole series of skits about a group of powerrangers that can't get their outfits right
- the ire of their super-villain rival. Who is (inexplicably) a pervert.

Tongue Twister contest.
The comedy team is also responsible for all of this stuff.
(thought his is a later show)

Japan +2
More to come

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now walk it out!

Post-Modern Cultural Advancement Illustrated.

Take the old.
Add the New.

oh Happy day!

but wait forty years have passed

Nah son, she's still got it.

Thanks Rio Rio!

USA +1

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oldalt was shooting yesterday

I'm to tired to do the comedy
Instead Lets get Dizzee


That was nice
I bet you thought
"What A feeking"
Cakk on Me 2
Kakk Kakk

Hilarious when the dude goes all john travolta stripper

Bla Bla Bla
England damn you +2

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bitches Better ReKONGsize!

What What What?
Have you forgetten what's it's all about?
The Existential void getting you down?
Wrong Blog- seek out emo/mentalhealthtwats.com

Let's review, bitches.
This blog is not about my life, kids, dogs, food, self help
emo bands, or other shit in blogs I do not to listen or read.
This Blog is about the global fight for garbage- the brilliant luminant garbage.
for example:

Bollywood/Snoop Showdown

or even:
Original Insantity

And I as grand dragoon of all trash I assign the scores.

so Bitches it's Austrailia
+1 again
Empire of the Sun Is Brilliantly wierd
as shown by their first music video.
Walking on a Dream

I present the second.

We Are The People

Australia +1
Me +10

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wanna Fanta?!

Yes, Yes and YES!
I've been a fan of the Fanta ads and Fanta girls ("Wanna Fanta") a while
(esp the red one)

Wanna Fanta

But Japan's ads blow away ours

see Lemon men

wtf was that?
How do you pitch that.
-Director - "okay, so the 96 poud weakling is swinging a lemon tied to his head..."
- Fanta rep- "wait, what?"

but these are even better
a series of adds dedicated to
3rd graders encountering bad stereotype teachers
(my fav is the DJ)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Go PacMan!!!

Special break!

This is not the usual Sunday/ Wednesday entry
and I'm sure you've all been missing my clever clever phrasing
(I've been busy fck all yall)

Anyways, despite my attempt to keep this blog from devolving
into music videos all the time, I have to post these:

The Go Team.
Pretty awesome band one half "CSS",
one half "The Rapture", one half double dutch.
(fck ur maths)
I love their silly videos
but this one is cheapo classic

Here's two of their older vids for context...
and lesser awesomeness:

"Doing it All Right."
Yes, I will Go team. I will join band camp.
The blue jacket and pink earring command me with your hotness
and electric company feelings.

It's in english, but WTF is she saying.

I promise a return to commercials and you-tube stupoodé soon.
USA +2

Bonus REVIEW!!!!
bitches never really gave the old stuff it's due.
Writing like your drunk when you aren't drunk but wish you were.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Part 2!
Even more really bad, "stupod" videos from England.

Fedde Le Grand vs Camille Jones
Last video was nurses, now secretaries,
when are meter maids?

Actually I think Camille Jones original D+B song is pretty good.
The Creeps Original Video/Mix

From Creep' Secretaries to Creep Vampires
Freaks -"The Creeps"

(I have to admit I mainly dig the super aggro- choreography)

Pretty Colors!
Perfect Exceeder

Dada "Lollipop"
I'm 'embarished' I like this (sic)

More Helmets!
Vitalic: "My friend Dario"
(also this video kinda describes oldsalt's feeling about metal)

England +5
holy crap

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Music BREAK! England and Power Tools!!

England and Europe specialize in shitty shitty
NRG, Garage, and other cheesy meat-market electronic music.
but, I love it all!

Take a simple "boots and pants" 4/4 beat.
+ stupid lyrics
+pop and lock
+ lots of girls... bouncing.

and YAY!!
Oldsalt is refreshed and ready to start his day.

Eric Prydz:
"Call on Me"

(Yes, "I'm the same boy I used to be," but unfortunately that boy is in wash closet with the lotion)

Benny Benassi:

that was the best pron, uh, music video ever.

"Who Your Daddy?"

You are Benny, You are.

Freddie La Grande:
"Put your hands up for detriot" Freddie La Grande
The original

"I see girls" Studio B
title says it all
But why the helmets?
- because slow mo plus helmets make girls hotter.

Part 2 later this week!

England's power tools +5
(I see a huge lead in England's future-
a massive, throbbing lead.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Southwest Airlines

Okay, lets remember that last year Southwest airlines kicked
Kyle Ebbert off of a plane for wearing a mini-skirt.
Keith, a southwest flight attendant, told her-
"This is a family airline. I'm sorry your dressed to provocative to fly on this flight"

Uh, okay...
Lets look back Lamé-ites at Southwest's glory years

"Remember what it was like!"


not period, but lets face it
stewardess r hot, and I'm a dude

USA +1 (could have been plus two if airlines didn't suck now)

(whoops sorry I set this post to the wrong date everybody- should have appeared yesterday)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy times

Need a break from insanity.
Both songs are a couple years old, as are both videos
but they are also brilliantly insane.

I'm a sucker for exploitation send ups
Muse's Knights of Cydonia mix cheap italian sci-fi,
karate, and dead on spaghetti western.
( I love the flag waving at the end)

Also good (though lacking an exploitation edge)
Frontier Psychiatrist

USA +2
Nah, lets face these are too good to be trash....
USA +0

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Skittles ads have always been a bit weird.

The Example.
Believe in Rainbows!

But this commercial
This is....
The Sublime.

And Oldsalt's sorta' a definition of evil funny.

USA +1

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fight Back Japan!

I present Tarako Roe noodles.
Sure Skittles ads are awesome
but Japan seems to have created the "WTF"
commercial concept

This is an endurance contest for all you Lamé-ites
Sure you can probably survive the first one...

The original and longest...
(yes, that's your brain melting)

but what about surviving the remixes?
Let the invasion begin!

They just keep coming....

... like Mercyless kawaii zombies....

Endless Endless....
There is no surrender
so we must hold the line!

but insanity takes its coin from us

All is lost.

I dare anyone to try and listen to them all at once
that is the sound of Ragnarok.

Japan +2