Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now walk it out!

Post-Modern Cultural Advancement Illustrated.

Take the old.
Add the New.

oh Happy day!

but wait forty years have passed

Nah son, she's still got it.

Thanks Rio Rio!

USA +1

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oldalt was shooting yesterday

I'm to tired to do the comedy
Instead Lets get Dizzee


That was nice
I bet you thought
"What A feeking"
Cakk on Me 2
Kakk Kakk

Hilarious when the dude goes all john travolta stripper

Bla Bla Bla
England damn you +2

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bitches Better ReKONGsize!

What What What?
Have you forgetten what's it's all about?
The Existential void getting you down?
Wrong Blog- seek out emo/

Let's review, bitches.
This blog is not about my life, kids, dogs, food, self help
emo bands, or other shit in blogs I do not to listen or read.
This Blog is about the global fight for garbage- the brilliant luminant garbage.
for example:

Bollywood/Snoop Showdown

or even:
Original Insantity

And I as grand dragoon of all trash I assign the scores.

so Bitches it's Austrailia
+1 again
Empire of the Sun Is Brilliantly wierd
as shown by their first music video.
Walking on a Dream

I present the second.

We Are The People

Australia +1
Me +10

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wanna Fanta?!

Yes, Yes and YES!
I've been a fan of the Fanta ads and Fanta girls ("Wanna Fanta") a while
(esp the red one)

Wanna Fanta

But Japan's ads blow away ours

see Lemon men

wtf was that?
How do you pitch that.
-Director - "okay, so the 96 poud weakling is swinging a lemon tied to his head..."
- Fanta rep- "wait, what?"

but these are even better
a series of adds dedicated to
3rd graders encountering bad stereotype teachers
(my fav is the DJ)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Go PacMan!!!

Special break!

This is not the usual Sunday/ Wednesday entry
and I'm sure you've all been missing my clever clever phrasing
(I've been busy fck all yall)

Anyways, despite my attempt to keep this blog from devolving
into music videos all the time, I have to post these:

The Go Team.
Pretty awesome band one half "CSS",
one half "The Rapture", one half double dutch.
(fck ur maths)
I love their silly videos
but this one is cheapo classic

Here's two of their older vids for context...
and lesser awesomeness:

"Doing it All Right."
Yes, I will Go team. I will join band camp.
The blue jacket and pink earring command me with your hotness
and electric company feelings.

It's in english, but WTF is she saying.

I promise a return to commercials and you-tube stupoodé soon.
USA +2

Bonus REVIEW!!!!
bitches never really gave the old stuff it's due.
Writing like your drunk when you aren't drunk but wish you were.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Part 2!
Even more really bad, "stupod" videos from England.

Fedde Le Grand vs Camille Jones
Last video was nurses, now secretaries,
when are meter maids?

Actually I think Camille Jones original D+B song is pretty good.
The Creeps Original Video/Mix

From Creep' Secretaries to Creep Vampires
Freaks -"The Creeps"

(I have to admit I mainly dig the super aggro- choreography)

Pretty Colors!
Perfect Exceeder

Dada "Lollipop"
I'm 'embarished' I like this (sic)

More Helmets!
Vitalic: "My friend Dario"
(also this video kinda describes oldsalt's feeling about metal)

England +5
holy crap

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Music BREAK! England and Power Tools!!

England and Europe specialize in shitty shitty
NRG, Garage, and other cheesy meat-market electronic music.
but, I love it all!

Take a simple "boots and pants" 4/4 beat.
+ stupid lyrics
+pop and lock
+ lots of girls... bouncing.

and YAY!!
Oldsalt is refreshed and ready to start his day.

Eric Prydz:
"Call on Me"

(Yes, "I'm the same boy I used to be," but unfortunately that boy is in wash closet with the lotion)

Benny Benassi:

that was the best pron, uh, music video ever.

"Who Your Daddy?"

You are Benny, You are.

Freddie La Grande:
"Put your hands up for detriot" Freddie La Grande
The original

"I see girls" Studio B
title says it all
But why the helmets?
- because slow mo plus helmets make girls hotter.

Part 2 later this week!

England's power tools +5
(I see a huge lead in England's future-
a massive, throbbing lead.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Southwest Airlines

Okay, lets remember that last year Southwest airlines kicked
Kyle Ebbert off of a plane for wearing a mini-skirt.
Keith, a southwest flight attendant, told her-
"This is a family airline. I'm sorry your dressed to provocative to fly on this flight"

Uh, okay...
Lets look back Lamé-ites at Southwest's glory years

"Remember what it was like!"


not period, but lets face it
stewardess r hot, and I'm a dude

USA +1 (could have been plus two if airlines didn't suck now)

(whoops sorry I set this post to the wrong date everybody- should have appeared yesterday)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy times

Need a break from insanity.
Both songs are a couple years old, as are both videos
but they are also brilliantly insane.

I'm a sucker for exploitation send ups
Muse's Knights of Cydonia mix cheap italian sci-fi,
karate, and dead on spaghetti western.
( I love the flag waving at the end)

Also good (though lacking an exploitation edge)
Frontier Psychiatrist

USA +2
Nah, lets face these are too good to be trash....
USA +0