Sunday, February 8, 2009

Music BREAK! England and Power Tools!!

England and Europe specialize in shitty shitty
NRG, Garage, and other cheesy meat-market electronic music.
but, I love it all!

Take a simple "boots and pants" 4/4 beat.
+ stupid lyrics
+pop and lock
+ lots of girls... bouncing.

and YAY!!
Oldsalt is refreshed and ready to start his day.

Eric Prydz:
"Call on Me"

(Yes, "I'm the same boy I used to be," but unfortunately that boy is in wash closet with the lotion)

Benny Benassi:

that was the best pron, uh, music video ever.

"Who Your Daddy?"

You are Benny, You are.

Freddie La Grande:
"Put your hands up for detriot" Freddie La Grande
The original

"I see girls" Studio B
title says it all
But why the helmets?
- because slow mo plus helmets make girls hotter.

Part 2 later this week!

England's power tools +5
(I see a huge lead in England's future-
a massive, throbbing lead.)

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