Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chris Christmas Rodriguez

In the sad news that Chris's blog is down for a while. So I submitt
in tribute-

Chris Christmas Rodrriguez
Mother put out these fake ads a few years back
as a publicity stunt.

Classic meme Interweb:

Unwanted guests?

Giving cheap aftershave?

Christmas Truth.


Oh Christmas Tree.

He's just a man...

The End

Damn you england +1

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kevin Bacon Movie Club

I found this clip cause one of the Jay's friends play's the "wife"
pretty funny.

That's all for today
busy busy busy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music Rewind

Not to step on Chris's territory

but it's time for a music review.
obviously you've heard these songs...
but had to search for the videos (so inconvenient!)
So Im gathering them in one place for my... ah, I mean your convenience.

'cause I do this all for you
not me... cause blogs are certainly not a place for time-wasting narcissistic masturbation.

oh shit
yes they are.


Yelle: A Cause Des Gason
featuring the new Tecktonik dancing... and thus the beginning of 90's retro!
(including the necessary commercial exploitation)

CONVERSE: My drive through
NERD + SANTOGOLD - Selling out never sounded so good- the converse ad.

Hello Baltimore!
Rye Rye with Blaqstarr, both out of crab town
(mmmmn... crab cakes)

Rye Rye : Shake it to the ground.

Duh Santogold

Santogold: Lights out.


Graphics (super Duh MIA)

MIA is insane
this video fucks with colors

also this songBird Flu

No fucking way I'm giving points for this stuff.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Even even more BBC comedy

Time Trumpet series

Tesco's vs Demark
(Tesco's kinda like a mini-walmart)

Episode #1

Fuck I'm waaay to hungover to write something witty
or informative.

fucking UK +1

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


No, it not the world cup...

It's my new favorite song!
San Paulo been pumping out the new bands- CSS and Bonde De Role etc...
Manchester better wake the fuck up.

I don't know what the hell is going on with dance music now
and it doesn't really have a title that seems to stick yet.
But certainly MIA, Santogold, Rye Rye, and alot of bands coming out of South and Central
America are on top of it.
It's lo-fi kinda "electro dance punk"... or at least how I'd describe it.
You could call it "electro grime" to I guess.
Fuck I wish I knew what to call it- cause it's been going on for several YEARS now.
And is the Mighty AwesomeSauce incarnate
Listen to this shit and weep in joy-


Rio Rio pointed out that "Aqui para vocês" literally means 'here's to you' but what it really means is 'I'm flicking you off', it's what you say before you flip the bird.
(Also here's too hoping Jon and Hieu change the music up in LXD)

Cansei De Ser Sexy (CSS)
Took their name from Beyonce' stupidly saying to the brazilian press "I'm tired of being sexy"
but on a great show too- okay, you should be listening already... click bellow...

CSS: Let's make love and listen to Death from Above

CSS: Alala
awesome backwards punk anger prom party!

Bonde Do Role
actually friends with CSS and tour together...
similar sound a little more discordent and sample heavy.

Bonde Do Role: Solta O Frango
how can you not like a human chicken fight?

Bonde Do Role :Office Boy
only for the hardcore fans of the genre'

Bonde Do Role : Marina Gasolina
The song is classic the video is not.
but fuck it you can't not dance to it.

Brazil + 6
(and next week I'll put some more of the Santogold and MIA up- cause it's long overdue )

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Entries are gonna be late this week

"Snuff box"
yet another BBC 4 comedy

Your dog!

Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings) does porn.

Rangers Part 8!

England +1 again?!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Math Dance battle

New Math
a pretty funny little page dedicated to simple real world "equations"


Perserverance = If at first you don't succeed + Repetition


Pirate = Thief + Boat + Bandana - Leg


Also Moe Moe worked on this series a few months back.
Preview looks good... though I strongly suggest skipping ahead to 1:30.
(Jon's a nice guy, but he talks way too much on these things)
Also hopefully the music will be more bloc party and less Lord of the Rings.

Moe Moe +1

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kaboom Sci Fi!

Kaboom! redub... it starts out slow but becomes totally worth it.

This is sci-fi from Spain a pretty religious conservative Catholic Country.
Some people say Sci-fi is for nerds with serious social and sexual issues.

A Meme i missed and totally worth it + its sci-fi fantasy crap.

USA: Totally eating spaghetti in the shower +1
Spain: Paging Doctor Freud +1

Yet another "Go Rangers! Episode 7"

Even More "Man to Man with Dean Learner" Episode 2 part1
part 2
part 3

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More comedy with beards

Zach Galifianakis:
I'm purty fond of Zach's stuff
He was one of the standouts of Comedians of Comedy.
but please ignore and forgive the stuff he's done for Kimmel

Interviews Michael Cera.

His actual standup: "Characters"

I'm not a big fan of Tim and Eric show (etc... etc...)
they'er okay.
but this shit I found funny...

Sorry USA no points. He's got a movie coming out