Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music Rewind

Not to step on Chris's territory

but it's time for a music review.
obviously you've heard these songs...
but had to search for the videos (so inconvenient!)
So Im gathering them in one place for my... ah, I mean your convenience.

'cause I do this all for you
not me... cause blogs are certainly not a place for time-wasting narcissistic masturbation.

oh shit
yes they are.


Yelle: A Cause Des Gason
featuring the new Tecktonik dancing... and thus the beginning of 90's retro!
(including the necessary commercial exploitation)

CONVERSE: My drive through
NERD + SANTOGOLD - Selling out never sounded so good- the converse ad.

Hello Baltimore!
Rye Rye with Blaqstarr, both out of crab town
(mmmmn... crab cakes)

Rye Rye : Shake it to the ground.

Duh Santogold

Santogold: Lights out.


Graphics (super Duh MIA)

MIA is insane
this video fucks with colors

also this songBird Flu

No fucking way I'm giving points for this stuff.

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