Sunday, June 28, 2009

Superstars music roundup hoe down

Ahhh, the classics
I'm sure all you Lamé-ites have seen these at some point in your
life but it's time for a review.

The great by their very human nature must fail us from time to time-
and the blowhard overrated actors doubly so.
Let us rejoice in those massive throbbing failures.

Okay, this is my favorite.
Joe Pesci rapping about being a gangster.
This is like 1990, long, long after all the others ones in this post had these embarrassing turds in their legacy.
And what did Joe do?
Mr. Pesci said fck it - I'm gonna do a gangster rap video and full length music album.
Yeah, so only did he do the deed- he took it up a notch.
Way to go Joe, way to go.

OOOOH YEAH It's Telly S and he want's to sex you.
Sexy sex you.
'Cause you're his love.
IF, you'll let him.

Kojax does country music.
Yeah country music.

The Man, the Myth, the Captain
The one star that needs the type equivalent of an echo.
Will William mmmm, Shat Shatner errrrrrrr!!!!!!
Few artists have managed the sort of career the shat
has- esp few that are as much of a Shat as he is.
A huge steaming, shat.

And he's gonna be high as a kite by the end.

It was a year. with the Shatner.

Die Hard in my pants baby.
Well done Bruce, At what point in your 80's action star career
did you think?
- Yeah, I can be a 60's doo wap soul singer.

This one shouldn't be as funny as it is
but somehow it just makes me giggle.
Russell crowe has an epic reputation as Hollywood
tool and this just confirms it.
You know what I said about Joe Pesci, double it.
The god for honest vapid cojones- and the spewing stupidity
of the music. Russell you are the new Shat.

Lets end big- this is one of the classics.
Not only is the vulcan Leonard Nemoy playing with his own pointy ear fame-
he's tying it in to Lord of the Rings.
It's like a big nerd sandwitch -you've got fantasy, you've got sci-fi, you've got "go go" girls and a bowl haircut.

I guess I should give point for this
USA +3
Australia +1

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's in Dixie?

uh Wow.

The eighties was a fucked up time:
Thundercats, Cheers, Married with Children, and Designing Women.

Thundercats was pretty cool- at least it was a thousand times better than
He-Man which came before it.

I used to like Cheers (when i was young)- before I started listening to the head
writer's radio blurbs on our local PBS radio station here (KCRW.)
He strikes me as a mentally lazy, self absorbed, over paid tool. Retroactively I'm removing my "like" of that show.

Married With Children is (with the possible exception of Hee-Haw and the Holocaust) the worst thing from the 20th century.

Oh wait, that's right, the second worst...
Designing Women. (Aka "Grey Gardens: The Early Years" )
Fuck, I didn't just hate that show. I hated the idea of that show.
It was the Reagan years, network Tv, vaginal warts all slurred together

I really hated that show.

Dixie was the star of that river of diarrhea,
(again sorry...) (god I hated that show! And I do not for a second believe her real name was Dixie!)

Anyways shortly after that show,
lovely, talented, Miss Dixie, put out a Meditation, Yoga & Exercise video.
(Maybe to counter the former commie, then "Turner" sellout Jane Fonda's "empire of exercise")

Regardless here's scene where she shows us an
interesting mediative technique.

Thanks Dixie, You're a Jem!

USA +1

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I was going to do a entry about the insane icelandic kid's show
Lazy Town. It's a kids show, about getting kids to be active. Yeah, it's a TV show about how you should be playing outside instead of uh watching TV.
Also it based on that weird euroRave late nineties Xtasy look made so popular by Barbie girl
But I had to much to drink last night to be clever about them,
So instead here's a quick musical interlude
of stripes and bizzaro angry boxes


Worth the link.

nobody gets nothing +0

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maximum Stupidity

Sometimes the level of stupidity we Americans are capable of astonishes even me.
Sure, my country elected George W Bush twice;
has decided to rally behind seven series of "Two and Half Men;"
and "Smallville;"
but then there's this....

Thank you, Steven King, Thank you-
And when the Machine overlords come for us
I'm going to disguise myself as a toaster and start throwing
bread at people.
I think that will give my life meaning.

USA +1