Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's in Dixie?

uh Wow.

The eighties was a fucked up time:
Thundercats, Cheers, Married with Children, and Designing Women.

Thundercats was pretty cool- at least it was a thousand times better than
He-Man which came before it.

I used to like Cheers (when i was young)- before I started listening to the head
writer's radio blurbs on our local PBS radio station here (KCRW.)
He strikes me as a mentally lazy, self absorbed, over paid tool. Retroactively I'm removing my "like" of that show.

Married With Children is (with the possible exception of Hee-Haw and the Holocaust) the worst thing from the 20th century.

Oh wait, that's right, the second worst...
Designing Women. (Aka "Grey Gardens: The Early Years" )
Fuck, I didn't just hate that show. I hated the idea of that show.
It was the Reagan years, network Tv, vaginal warts all slurred together

I really hated that show.

Dixie was the star of that river of diarrhea,
(again sorry...) (god I hated that show! And I do not for a second believe her real name was Dixie!)

Anyways shortly after that show,
lovely, talented, Miss Dixie, put out a Meditation, Yoga & Exercise video.
(Maybe to counter the former commie, then "Turner" sellout Jane Fonda's "empire of exercise")

Regardless here's scene where she shows us an
interesting mediative technique.

Thanks Dixie, You're a Jem!

USA +1

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