Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Utah Saints running man

I don't now what I feel about this

I did the running man waaay back in the day
and liked this utah saints song, when neither
was ironic.

now I kinda like them ironically....but I actually participated
in them the first time.... 'cause I'm old.
So are old people allowed to like things ironically
that they were a part of?

hmmmm, I'll think about while I put on a new diaper.

+1 england (actually wales)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Burning Man XXXtreme!!!

I just came back from Burning Man today.
It ended last week, but my boy RayJay, hadn't return from Saturn's twenty seventh moon
(Aegir- it's the one that looks like Beyonce)

: check out some pics

Dude, Burning Man was totally awesome and all about radical self expression.
I love how extreme Burning Man's art is. It's extreme art. Not that namby pamby art made by people with training or talent. No it's too Hard Core, too Radical for that, yet at the same time it's about hippy love.

Speaking of hippy love, after pulling an all nighter with some killer bud we got from my boy RayJJ from the IT department and then downing 23 cans of Mountain Dew. It was such an awesome vibe JayRay and RayJay and I tried to kill Sharon Tate..
Yeah pigs must die!
-Unfortunately we got confused and accidently killed RayJJ's pet ferret "Mr. Skiddles" instead.
-But man, what an extreme way to go. (Go with god Skiddles!)

Yeah, then later I meet this hot chick Xena. She was a stripper fifteen years ago, but now a mom of seven. Man, she could totally twirl a baton. You know, like cheerleaders back in Missouri, but with with this awesome extreme outfit of a gasmask and some rags. And she looked like she was totally into bondage. We hung out for hours talking about LinuxGNU variants

Then we got naked and danced with these fire dancer chicks.
But they would sleep with us even after I "accidently" burned RayJJ penis (Sorry RayJJ! and again thanks for driving!)

Man the whole day was hard core radical extreme awesome dudely - I'm totally going to it next year. Unless it's the same day as Lollipalloza or that new Cochella thing. I hear those are totally alternative too.

Dear real attendants
I'm sorry that you hate your job in the IT department, but you know the difference between a nerd with piercing and googles and a nerd without. The first one still thinks it 1995.

Xteme Peace Out Bytches

(who is proud to be the second type of nerd)

US Minus 3!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trailer Time!

Trailer Time

Finally! a Capoeria martial arts movie!

The first Kimchi western = awesome!

Miike Zebraman.
Ultraman/insanity fest

This is less crazy than the others
mainly a satire of French foreign policy and racism (so you need a bit of knowledge
about France's history to get some of the jokes)
but even if if you don't if you liked the look of Mad Men (this movie came out in 2007!) or just want to see
two grown men get use live chickens as weapons check it out.