Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Part 2!
Even more really bad, "stupod" videos from England.

Fedde Le Grand vs Camille Jones
Last video was nurses, now secretaries,
when are meter maids?

Actually I think Camille Jones original D+B song is pretty good.
The Creeps Original Video/Mix

From Creep' Secretaries to Creep Vampires
Freaks -"The Creeps"

(I have to admit I mainly dig the super aggro- choreography)

Pretty Colors!
Perfect Exceeder

Dada "Lollipop"
I'm 'embarished' I like this (sic)

More Helmets!
Vitalic: "My friend Dario"
(also this video kinda describes oldsalt's feeling about metal)

England +5
holy crap

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