Friday, February 13, 2009

Go PacMan!!!

Special break!

This is not the usual Sunday/ Wednesday entry
and I'm sure you've all been missing my clever clever phrasing
(I've been busy fck all yall)

Anyways, despite my attempt to keep this blog from devolving
into music videos all the time, I have to post these:

The Go Team.
Pretty awesome band one half "CSS",
one half "The Rapture", one half double dutch.
(fck ur maths)
I love their silly videos
but this one is cheapo classic

Here's two of their older vids for context...
and lesser awesomeness:

"Doing it All Right."
Yes, I will Go team. I will join band camp.
The blue jacket and pink earring command me with your hotness
and electric company feelings.

It's in english, but WTF is she saying.

I promise a return to commercials and you-tube stupoodé soon.
USA +2

Bonus REVIEW!!!!
bitches never really gave the old stuff it's due.
Writing like your drunk when you aren't drunk but wish you were.

1 comment:

crod said...

ha, the slo-mo spin at 1:10 on the ms. pacman vid. awesome.