Thursday, November 6, 2008

Word of the Day

The word of the Day is "Ass Monkey."
Yes, "Ass Monkey" because that's who I think make most blogs.
"Hi, my name is fuck you and I'm gonna tell you all about my life."
Please don't. I don't give a shit about your new baby pictures, that band you saw last week, or even why Spiderman would totally beat Batman in a fight.
This is not a blog about that shit.
This is a way for me to share awesome sauce.
So here's the first awesome sauce cocktail- A Pleathora of things you should be watching on youtube:

First up "Para Para"
This is an oldie, but I would be remiss if I failed to include "Night of Fire"
Hypnotic, Bizarre, Lacking in any social value.
Originally the blog was going to be called Gold Lamé Jacket in honor of the sexual cowboy featured here.
Thank you Japan, you are so bat shit crazy I can't believe we won the war.

Happily entranced?... and yet feeling slightly uncertain about the world?
Well lets get ass drunk on more Para Para!
Presenting "Super Euro- Flash" (sic)
This is Hitomi team's later work I guess.
Terrible music? - check
Bizzare "Para Para" dancing?- check
Cute Girls? - check
Amazing guy in cowboy boots? - sadly no.

-But watching this back to back with "Night of Fire" above will more of less get you drunk...
Not that friendly, slurring "I luvv you guys!" drunk.
No, that angry, "What is wrong with your face!" Irish drunk.
This video is like alcohol poisoning and a groin punch.

"Hey you, what's wrong with your fucking face!"

oh shit...
Well this will make us feel better

yeah that hit the spot-

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