Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Want Black Death!

Another oldie but goodie Lamé-ites

LORDI in Eurovision
Now Eurovision is a bit like american idol meets a Miss Universe. Each country has an internal contest to select their representative for the international contest. So this is an annual family friendly pop crap fest... where the latest backstreet boys and britney spear clone can crap out more shit.
Heres an example of the usual sort of crap at this show. watch it at your own soul crushing risk..

Death of Pop

HOWEVER... because this is an international contest and each nation votes for its
own representative... our story gets strange.

Yes, Finland, the social safety net, the gorges, the fjords, the strictest drunk driving laws in europe.
Finland voted for the band... Lordi...
yes, yes for you Black Metal fans THAT Lordi.

basically imagine what would happen if suddenly the state of Wisconsin forced American Idol
to let Gwar on the show.
.... and then strangely they won the contest...
the mind boggles.

here's Lordi's performance on Eurovision.
Enjoy and wait for the wings

Um, even I am at a loss for words about this one.
A Richard Prior gag from his show that seems to have lost the joke
and accepted rock godness.

Finland +1
USA +1

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