Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bollywood Part two

Wait, did I say Modern Bollywood suck?
Well that's still sort of true... Bollywood needs a savoir
someone musically beyond reproach who could save it from itself..
"But who?" you ask.
There can only be one..
Better than Barrack
More Super than the man
S N double O G
Whooly shit!

Okay, Okay!
I can hear you saying, " Yes Snoop is some sort of wierd Undersea Mantis-Sex-God, but OSalt wasn't this post about Bollywood?!?"
-Yes. Lame'ites this is about Bollywood...
Behold Sihg is King part 1!

We wait breathlessly for Sihg is King Part 2 with SNOOP!
and assume this must put India in the lead with some sort of
cross=cultural bonus trash points

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