Friday, November 21, 2008


Oh hell yeeeah!
Pocky is the candy equivalent of heroin addiction
You think, "Well. yes I'll take just one. They're tasty- but whatever..."

Then you eat another one.
Then your staring at an empty box.
Then it's 2am and your wondering where you can get some more.
Then you find yourself looking at youtube videos of Pocky.

Lets start you on a simple Methadone.
A world of Pink.

Alright, now lets add some disco supreme base:

Okay now lets add a some flava,
Yeah bonjoirno! (sic)

Now, lets get a little funky with your transvestite grandpa.
Wait, what?!?

Wait wait stop..
WTF is happening?
something is terribly wrong here...
Why am I scared of this candy now...?

Horror candy?!

Uh... too much, too much
I think I'm od'ing
What is this...?

Make them stop.

I suffer for you
Japan gains +1 point; rehab; and diabetes.

1 comment:

Paul_Hackner said...

I am partial to Mens Pocky. Chocolate and pretzel!!!!