Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Metal?? (more Eurovision)

What if I told you there was a german band, based on Ghengis Khan,
singing about the cold war?
You'd be ready to rock some angry Death Metal right?!?!
--"Damn Straight!"
Oh wait sorry... instead we have more EuroVision
"Dschinghis Khan"

Rock me Sexy Khan, Rock me.


Ghengis Khan

Psyco-camera version of above

So now the Japanese Disney kids will cover it Kawaii style...
And the world explodes..
I dare you to make it all the way through.

Shout out to Moe Moe's friend Nonie for reminding me of these classics.

Germany +1
No, wait, I'm afraid this is worth 2
German +2
Japan +0 (almost -1!!!)

1 comment:

Moe Moe said...

HA! i made it thru! and i disagree with the judges decision. it deserves a +1, not -1 for Japan.