Thursday, November 6, 2008

Italian Spiderman!

"Italian Spiderman" A group of Aussie film students made this gem. It's basically a homage to the old Bava films and other bad explotation jems of the the 70s.

"Who's- Mario Bava?" you ask.

Oh No!!!
Do not question the Bava, he is the latex highness of bizarre Italian-ness and stoner film glory. No director had a greater talent for bizarre sets, nonsensical plots, and finding reasons for women to wear very little.

Mario Bava!

So "Italian Spider Man" worships the Bava throne like a sexy high-priestess with a very big feather headdress and a very small leather bikini...
And thus you should watch it.

Watch them all- but here's my favorite episode-

If you like this check out there other episodes. (I'll post a few more later)

but also check out
"Danger Diabolik" by Mario Bava.


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