Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vagina Power!

Alexyss Tylor is sex talk show host and author out of Atlanta Georgia.
The woman next to Alexyss is her mom.
Yes, her Mom.

Let's quote Alexyss- "He won't buy you a... uh, shrimp special from
long john silvers. That plate is what? $2.99. But he will give you a
mouth full of cum.... A rectum full of cum..."

Yes that's her Mom sitting 30 inches away from her.
"Now her mind, her mind is no good 'cause that penis done ejaculated all in her brain."
We are living in a golden glorious age, of wonderment.
and this...
this is internet happiness.

Lot a times we get caught up in that Penis power.

Wash Yo Nuts

USA +2
Thanx Michelle

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