Sunday, March 1, 2009

OK Lets GO Japan TV (part 1) Yes Awesome Good

Gottsu "A" Kanji, one of the great sketch comedy shows evar!
It think I've watched whole seasons online.
I'm not sure how to start with them so we'll do it with
these 2

Power Ranger idiots
This is a whole series of skits about a group of powerrangers that can't get their outfits right
- the ire of their super-villain rival. Who is (inexplicably) a pervert.

Tongue Twister contest.
The comedy team is also responsible for all of this stuff.
(thought his is a later show)

Japan +2
More to come


Bradley said...

Who builds those machines!?

-OldSalt said...

I do.
The pay is good
but the testing is hard.