Sunday, March 29, 2009

Death of Punk

Death of Punk.

Vanilla Beans- "nicola"
This is one of those bjorky, spike jonesy things
Super low tech, simple to do, happy colors, - basically everything the interweb video should have.
lot of little cute/funny moments- decent song.
Plus it's got Flight Attendants (bonus!)

I can't really post the above video without showing Pizzicato Five.
Moe Moe turned me on to this group- and after force feeding me it for a few years
I grew to love them- a lot. (and that was the end of me listening to 'ardcore)
They made a whole series of videos/DVD's called ReadyMade TV.
All shot ala' Warhol factory:
Fun, simple, intentionally silly/cheap- way ahead of it's time.
(plus they make me think of Moe Moe)

Baby Portable Player Sound (12 second intro)

Tout Va Bien


Japan +1

Japan Ranger Bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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