Sunday, May 24, 2009

So you think you can Japan Dance!

Engrish yes!

"Japan's Best Dance crew"
or "Dancing with the Japan."

Yes, all Engrish ways I could have titled this entry.
and all shitty shitty puns

the clips are awesome

This is a P&L crew out of Japan which are amazing.

I Fucking HATE when they won't let you embed a Clip... So instead you have to make a LINK (like this one). It's so stupid.

This is just ridiculous


Bonus Polysic video.
Eventually Polysic will probably get there own entry-
I mean how can you not love a japanese Devo cover band
that turned into a noise dance essemble while living in Silver Lake.
also this video is just fun.


1 comment:

crod said...

holy shit, the polysics are awesome, and that breakdancing girl gotz more pops than orville redenbacher