Sunday, May 31, 2009

The obvious and old

The Best fight scenes Evar!
yeah, I'm getting lazy, the USA
has way to many points but what can I do
when our culture spews out jems like this.

80's bad anglo-kungfu movies.

as a side note:

Dear Chuck Norris,
You are a tool. The resurgent celebrity from the internet?
We are making fun of you. You should not run for congress or governor.
You represent all the bullshit the Conservative movement
represents. Though, I would like to see you fight again- someone your own age group..
Mainly Mike Tyson. I would like to watch him eat you.
15 minutes done.


If your not gonna watch any other clips watch this one.
Cynthia Rockheart (?) Seriously this is 80's macho at it's worse.

Internet whipping boy JCVD in tights + girls in 80s aerobic tights. = Awesome.

MC Chris does a send up to the whole "American Ninja" thing

And lastly that third act recovery and resurrection..
Anyone in involved in storytelling has to know the third act is about the character bringing it all
back and beating the odds.

In this case JCVD
Yep JCVD, actually made a good movie recently
And It's called "JCVD", no really!
It's thriller, not a kung-fu movie, and I actually have to recommend it.
Variety and NY times, Rotten Tomatoes all recommend it.
It's kinda like the "Wrestler" for Mickey Roarke, except more Post Modern and without the sucky
ending and badly acted subplot with his daughter.

BONUS for the hardcore
This is a Teaser the director made for JCVD. It's not in the movie. It's a short film on it's own, but's kinda great.

USA +2
Belgium (seriously belgium WTF?) +1

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